Hastings artist/sculptor Dale Lewis' latest creation, a dragon lady, welcomes people to the new Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council (HPAAC) art gallery on Orange Street in Prescott, Wis. The gallery is appropriately named the Orange Dragon Art Gallery and is located at 122 Orange St.

This dragon lady appears to be coming off the roof toward guests but, rest assured, she is not moving.

Lewis' creation, a 200-pound dragon made of stainless, mesh wire and glass eyeballs (courtesy of Northfield artist Gerie Thelen), was commissioned by HPAAC for the new gallery.

As he looked at the dragon lady before moving it to Prescott Monday night, Lewis seemed a bit in awe, too, of the creation's size.

"Actually, it was more involved than I thought it would be," he said.

The dragon lady took Lewis about five weeks to complete and now becomes a permanent part of the gallery.

Lewis pointed out some "tidbits" about the dragon lady - she is a gray color except for the orange-red eyeballs, her wings are mesh wire, her tongue is a serving fork that he found at a garage sale, she has been washed and waxed and will endure through all kinds of weather, Lewis said.

How does he know she is a female?

"I know she is a female because she has big eyelashes," he joked.

The Orange Dragon Art Galley opened last weekend, June 30 and July 1. The "Bad Boys" exhibit is reflected in the artwork of a number of area artists.

More information about HPAAC is available at www.hpaac.org, by calling 651-437-7055 or by calling the gallery at 715-262-4122.