As a curious 3-year-old, Sarah Foster's parents didn't need to prod her much to go play in the snow. Even in late April.

So, after a freak snowstorm on April 28, 1994, there she was, running around in the family's Hastings backyard near what was then Tilden Elementary. One of her parents gave her a sign that simply read: "April 28, 1994. It's snowing."

The photo then got put into her baby book, where her parents Rachel and Scott figured it would stay.

On Monday, though, opportunity arose as Hastings got hit with another snowstorm.

Foster drafted a sign that looked much like the original one, she ran outside and her mother snapped a photo. Foster then put the two photos together, side-by-side, and began sharing the photo with friends. This time around, though, she didn't greet the white stuff as warmly as she did when she was 3.

"I was excited it was snowing then -- I'm not excited now," she said. "I was not happy (when I woke up Tuesday). I'm definitely ready for spring. I commute to work in Eagan -- it's not fun driving to work in the morning when it's snowing."