To the Editor:

The security of our nation continues to be compromised as seven illegal aliens cross the Mexican border every minute. It is estimated that 90 percent of the illegal immigration to our country occurs across our border with Mexico.

We must continue to welcome people who follow the laws by immigrating to our country legally. However, those who break our laws and immigrate here illegally provide a huge concern. Terrorists continue to take advantage of our weak border security.

To provide true security to our homeland, we must first stop the bleeding. For every illegal alien arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol at the Mexican border, three to four make it through. There have been calls for the federal government to secure our southern border and they have failed to act.

Current volunteer efforts of the Minuteman Project (http://www. are focused on building a security fence along the border. The fence design, which will provide the border security we need, can be seen at http://www.weneed These volunteers have begun to build a fence on private land along the border.

Just as the First Minnesota regiment provided crucial leadership in securing our country's freedom during the Civil War, I believe that it is time for Minnesota to be the leader in securing our border with Mexico.

Now is the time for Minnesota to commit resources to our nation's security by committing our people to help with the Minuteman fence building effort. This could include Minnesota National Guard members and/or private citizens.

Our state's delegation to this fence-building project would become our present-day First Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota can once again be first -- and we should then ask our neighboring states to fall in line and help us get this mission accomplished.

Steve Drazkowski


Steve Drazkowski is a former candidate for Minnesota Senate District 28.