To the Editor:

Dan Ryan is the best choice in House District 28A. I have known him all his life as a hardworking farmer, school board member and family man. He served his country when called, and returned home to run the family farm.

We need more farmers, small business owners, and working men and women to represent us at the Capitol. These type of people have common sense, and come with no strings attached. Ryan is not a single issue candidate and will be able to work with all people at the Legislature. I am sure he will represent us well and will always do what is in the best interest of our district.

George Gorman               


To the Editor:

Vote for Dan Ryan in the DFL primary Sept. 12. Why?

Life-long resident of Goodhue County. Family orientated. Productive farmer. Understands farm problems and programs.

Concern for senior citizens. Good and affordable health care.

Backer of union organizations.

Education minded. Member of Goodhue board of education.

Army veteran. When you say Farmer-Labor Party, that's Dan Ryan.

Stu and Arlin Schmidt

Red Wing

To the Editor:

Dan Ryan has crafted a winning platform for 28A.

Ryan is an honest, hard-working, successful self-made man. His conservation practices help him understand the challenges facing our farm families. Ryan knows the value of our trust. He knows we need good roads. He understands our hopes for great rural, as well as urban, school systems. Our schools require more science and technology to prepare our children for the rigors of the future. He has supported curriculum balance during his two terms on the Goodhue School Board.

His grasp of current socioeconomic climates helps him relate to our labor and small business communities. The need for affordable health care, for all our citizens, tops his list of priorities. Too many of our working families are under-insured, or face outrageous deductibles and co-pays for basic services. Ryan's gritty persistence will benefit our lobby for basic health care.

Ryan believes in equal opportunity for all our citizens. He supports equity in employment, education, and social justice. With eight sisters and eight sister-in-laws, he clearly recognizes the formidable power women hold in the home and in the workplace.

Ryan is a family man, a veteran, and an asset to our community. His down-to-earth manner and common-sense approach to today's issues will appeal to colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He can win the seat in November.

Jane Gisslen

Red Wing