When it comes to the Super Bowl, pizza, dips, chips and other grub are in high demand. While beer has had a long history with "The Game," more and more fans are opting to enjoy the big game with wine.

Although beer is great with most any Super Sunday fanfare, wine is fast becoming a solid replacement. So what wines go well with chili dogs, chips and dips or pizza?

Champagne is a good choice; it goes well with salty chips. Chardonnay is crisp and is also a complement to chips and salsa. The Shiraz from Australia will go well with a plate full of nachos.

If you're thinking more healthy food then try a Merlot with a veggie plate and creamy dips. A Sauvignon Blanc with its citrus flavors will complement the veggies as well.

I actually prefer the tried and true Riesling. It goes well with about every appetizer out there. And I think reds are more suited for larger, more meaty dishes such as chili, or with any poultry dish.

My wife always puts lots of appetizers out for the big game. We try to make it a fun Sunday with the family. It really doesn't matter who's playing -- we tend to watch more for the commercials than anything else.

These are just a few ideas to help you enjoy the game. Remember, the more you know about wine the less you have to pay.