There were a lot of new faces at Thursday's public workshop -- most conspicuously Harbor View condominium developer Richard Morris.

Morris, who owns the largest of five pieces of private property on the Upper Harbor, has been chastised by Red Wing citizens for not taking part in the public conversation on the future of the riverfront.

The Bloomington, Minn.,-based developer's typically been sighted only when his pet project's plans appear at city meetings.

Explaining his presence at the public hearing, Morris said, "Certainly I have an interest in what they're doing here."

But he wasn't moved by what he saw.

"It's totally not consistent with what I see for my property," he said after the meeting.

The consensus plan was generated from feedback from previous public hearings where citizens viewed draft plans.

It incorporates a realignment of Jackson Street and Levee Road that cuts through private property.

JJR planning consultant Ed Freer identified those private sites as having the potential to generate employment and tax base. He also said the plan could be manipulated to maneuver around those parcels if need be.

As promised, Freer offered a preliminary assessment with both cost and a possible timeline.

With solid figures still in the distance, Freer estimated the plan might cost between $22 and $24 million to execute.

Estimated costs denote $4.4 million for shoreline improvements; $534,117 for paths and trails; $807,263 for utilities; $1.2 million for Bay Point Park; $2.4 million for the marina building and parking; and $4.3 million for Pottery Pond parcels.

Freer said not to be thrown by sticker shock. The costs could be a lot more or a lot less.

This is just to give an idea of the magnitude of the vision, he said, adding that the intent is to leverage as much external public funding as possible.

"Don't think that none of this could happen without you reaching into your pockets," he said. "The money is out there. You just have to be aggressive and go after it."

The latest illustration contained several elements to appease marina and Red Wing Port Authority officials who said their desires were initially neglected. Thursday's presentation depicted a new marina facility and additional boat storage for about 100 boats.

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