To the Editor:

I know that the citizens committees who are responsible for adding new sidewalks are trying to make Red Wing and especially the school areas safer places to walk. As a resident of Reichert Avenue, I have an idea to consider.

We now have sidewalks to take our students safely to and from Sunnyside School heading in any direction. They can walk to Southwood Avenue and go either north or south on existing sidewalks. They can walk to Maple Street and go either east or west on sidewalks already there. They can walk the new sidewalk by the busses to West Avenue where there are sidewalks. With crossing guards the students can safely cross any of these streets if necessary.

I have a suggestion for improving this situation without cutting trees and spending all that money to install sidewalks. Why not eliminate passage between the school and Reichert Avenue?

If it were mandatory for students to walk to and from the school from the other three sides we would not have children crossing there or all the cars parked with parents waiting to pick them up. This is a narrow, dead end street.

When parents are waiting in cars to pick up their children, it's nearly impossible to transgress to the end of the cul-de-sac. Some school personnel leave their cars parked on Reichert Avenue all day.

If you eliminated students entering and exiting there, many issues would be resolved.

Sidewalks will do nothing to solve the problem of kids darting out between cars. There is a great deal of parking on the previous streets mentioned as well as around the school. Designated walking routes to and from school would not be a hardship -- but rather a safer course for all.

I urge the sidewalk committee and all interested parties to review this school route and rethink putting sidewalks along Reichert Avenue. We can put that money to much better use and still keep our children safe.

Sharon Bargrain

Red Wing