If it couldn't be resolved in public meetings, maybe it could be resolved in a less formal environment, with the aid of some wine.

That was perhaps the thinking behind the informal meeting held Tuesday at Falconer Vineyards.

The issue to be discussed was initially general economic development.

The topic narrowed, however, after Dan McElroy, commissioner of the state Department of Employment and Economic Development, who was scheduled to attend and speak about economic development, canceled.

City, county and state politicians present at the meeting along with business owners and citizens all took part in the discussion, which focused on John Falconer's proposal to buy Red Wing Port Authority property at the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 19 to build the state's largest winery with a convention center that could accommodate 500 people.

Much was said Tuesday, yet there was little indication that any headway was made.

After the Port Authority denied Falconer's initial offer on the property, it said it was would consider selling a smaller parcel of land to Falconer. As well, it added some additional parameters.

Falconer said that offer wouldn't cut it. He said his business is trying to expand and the Port Authority offer is not workable.

Falconer said he hopes an agreement can be made before February.

If a deal is not done by then, he would not be able to plant a crop on that land next year.

There is no clear timeline on the discussions between Falconer and the Port Authority or any indication when future action might take place.