To the Editor:

Lyn Simmons' letter to the editor was a real slap in the face to Mayor Donna Dummer who has done a superb job as a leader of this city (R-E, Jan. 11). As mayor, she has no voting power yet she has taken her post seriously and has worked on behalf of the entire community by inviting citizens to participate with government in the future of this city. She actually shows up to City Council meetings and speaks, as a mayor should.

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Some members of our council haven't taken well to our mayor having an opinion and have done much to belittle her in public. As an attendee to many meetings, I have witnessed a few good old boys trying to put her in her place. In return she has responded with diplomacy and consistently shows that she has a stronger and far more mature presence.

Mayor Dummer is a longtime Red Wing resident and is acutely aware of our city history. If there is a body in this town that acts as though they are the "all-powerful ruler of Red Wing who no one should dare defy," it is the Port Authority. New faces are desperately needed on that board if it is to survive at all.

I'm sorry Ms. Simmons, but you would easily lose that month's pay were you to place your bet that Dummer re-submitted Chris Simonson's name before she heard from the public voice. The meeting where her two recommended appointees were rejected was well attended and she heard grievances from many of the attendees immediately afterward. There was palpable disappointment and irritation in the audience.

I guess we will cancel out each other's votes, because when it comes to ballot time, I will be putting my X next to Dummer's name should she decide to take the duty on one more time.

Michelle Meyer

Red Wing