To the Editor:

I graduated from high school in 1977. Back then, we could use our freedom of speech granted by our Constitution by writing our opinions about what ever we wanted in our high school newspaper. Sometimes it was to criticize the administration.

Our students lost that right about 20 years ago. Students have lost the freedom to publish what they feel is important in their school newspapers. College students of public universities still have that right.

Many additional freedoms have been lost on both sides of the political spectrum. With the loss of the play "Rent," it continues and freedom doesn't ring, it squeaks.

One can ask themselves if plays like "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" will be allowed. It does have individuals smoking cigarettes -- Oh my! -- and people drinking alcohol -- "Hold on to your hat!" It also has references to homosexuality -- "For shame!"

Maybe it is time that we review all of our books and media in our schools. Books with references to alcohol and tobacco should be banned under the logic they have used in banning Rent.

Kidding aside, this should have been a school board decision. When our school administration prostrates itself to the whims of a few it is not surprising but it is disappointing. No one person should decide what our "community" is.

I don't believe The Republican Eagle editorial is representational. When an editorial is not signed like our paper's editorial, I believe it lacks credibility. Who writes the editorial? A puppet?

This is a perfect example of why we elect a board. I challenge the board to revisit this issue at their next meeting and make a decision that is community based.

In final response to losing our freedoms, our students need to stand up for their rights. Apathy is the path to nowhere.