Student teacher

Charles Schowalter is a new student teacher. He will work primarily in Principal Bain's sixth-seventh-eighth-grade classroom for nine weeks. He began by teaching transitional math.

Basketball team

Tiger basketball will end the season with the banquet March 18.


Little Blessings preschoolers are learning about letter "Q." They practiced being quiet and quick.


Kindergartners are learning about force in science classes. They talked about the force needed to move ice skaters. In math the students worked on problem solving with attribute blocks.

Penman of the Week

Sadie Blanchette is Penman of the Week in Alice Danell's firs- and-second-grade classroom.

Grades 4-6

Students in Judy Vieths' third-fourth-and-fifth-grade classroom are learning about the oil industry in the Southwest. They are studying animals in science. The classes will do an experiment on the different types of birds' beaks by picking up items such as rice, or gummy worms using tools to represent the beak like tweezers or pliers.