Boldt elected board chair

In a unanimous ballot, Red Wing School Board elected Mitch Boldt as chairman Tuesday night. Boldt takes the reins from Heidi Jones, who held the position for the last two years. Boldt, who has been a board member since 2004 and has previously served as chair, assumed his new duties immediately after being elected and led the rest of the meeting Tuesday.

The board also unanimously elected Board member Dennis Porter as vice chair, Board member Paul Kramp as treasurer and Brad Johnson, the district finance officer, as clerk.

Board keeps own salaries flat

Board members approved to keep their salaries flat for the next year. As such, the board chair will receive $2,200, the clerk $1,000 and each board member $1,500.

Supt. Karsten Anderson noted that those salaries are low compared to other school districts across the state. Board chair Mitch Boldt agreed, adding that the salaries -- which the board voted to increase by about 60 percent in 2011 -- are still only about one-third to one-half of other school board salaries.

Other board members briefly brought up concerns about the low pay, adding that they don't want to deter people from running for Red Wing School Board. Still, the board voted unanimously not to raise salaries and to keep them at their current rates.

Personnel changes

The board approved the following personnel change:

Reassignment: Cindy Bodin, special education assistant at Twin Bluff, effective Jan. 3.

Meeting watch

Tuesday's meeting lasted about 40 minutes. All Board members were present.

-- Compiled by Sarah Gorvin, staff writer