Roxx Bar license denied

The City Council voted unanimously Monday to deny the Roxx Bar and Grill's liquor license renewal due to back real estate taxes owed on the building.

The city code states no license may be granted for operations on premises where taxes are owed, City Clerk Kathy Johnson said.

On the license renewal form, a question had been added asking if there were any back taxes or debts owed, Johnson said. There had been problems in the past with having to revoke or suspend licenses due to tax issues, so "we thought we'd be proactive," Johnson said. The Roxx noted on its form it did owe taxes.

The bar can re-apply for a license in the future if the tax situation is remedied, Johnson said. The current license expires at the end of this month.

HBC discusses new initiative

HBC president and CEO Gary Evans told the City Council on Monday that he thinks the company and city's participation in a nationwide broadband program is "a great opportunity."

Evans expounded on an announcement that Red Wing and HBC would be part of U.S. Ignite, a national effort to capitalize on high-speed connections by encouraging developers to create next-generation Internet applications and services.

HBC is the smallest company of the 12 service providers involved, and Red Wing the smallest of the 25 communities, Evans said.

"I believe we are very well positioned, each of us, to take advantage of this new initiative," Evans said. "We hope that many entrepreneurs will be attracted to Red Wing."

Many council members expressed their excitement that Red Wing is involved in this program.

"I hope everybody in the community catches the significance of this," Council member Mike Schultz said. "We have entered a new phase and a new day."

Appointment approved

The City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Austin Knott to the Sister Cities Commission to a term expiring December 2013.

Meeting watch

Monday's City Council meeting lasted about two hours and 35 minutes before going into a closed session for members to discuss land sales on Spring Creek Avenue North.

--Compiled by Danielle Nordine, staff writer