The Cottage Grove City Council denied plans for the 206-lot Walden Woods development, Wednesday Dec. 6.

While some council members said they were concerned about details, others were opposed to the whole project -- leaving developers reconsidering its future.

The City Council unanimously voted to deny the rezoning amendment requested by Platinum Development at its meeting. The development, located off 65th Street and Hadley Avenue, was planned to contain 206 lots on 128 acres.

The Planning Commission previously voted down the development plans because some of the lot sizes are smaller than what the city requires. Commissioners also raised concerns about the placement of trails and the number of trees that would be removed.

While the developers were requesting that the area be rezoned to fit their plans, some of the lot sizes still did not meet the requirements of the requested zoning.

"An ordinance is the ordinance, you have to follow it," Council member Mark Grossklaus said. "We've been strict on 85-foot lots with developers lately."

Mayor Sandy Shiely shared similar sentiments.

"I would never consider rezoning a property that didn't fill the requirements of the new zoning," Shiely said.

The denial of the rezoning made the planned development overlay and preliminary plat moot points, she said.

Steve Boynton of Platinum Development, told the council that those lots that are not 85 feet wide are 20,000 or 16,000 square feet.

"These lots are larger and more valuable than the 85-foot lots in the northeast (section of the development)," Boynton said.

Council member Pat Rice said the main reason he voted to deny the project is because there was no creativity in the lot design.

"These are unimaginative lots," he said.

The design for the lots, which are now heavily wooded, would require that numerous trees be removed.

Council member Myron Bailey said he would be interested in seeing something happen to save more trees.

The council members also agreed that they did not like the trail design being close to existing properties.

Boynton said that the Platinum Development team would take time and talk about the future of the project.

"Until (the city) gets a handle on what they want to see, we can't keep spending money," Boynton said.

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