When Renee Haliburton went to Cottage Grove Fitness and Spa for her fitness class on Friday, March 9, there was a sign on the door announcing the business had closed.

Haliburton, along with other members, did not have any indication that the business was about to close.

"I had just been there Tuesday," she said.

Member Dave Mannello said his bank statement shows a withdrawal for his membership fee for the month of March.

The business' registered owner, Linda Baker, did not return voicemail messages.

Jodi Caswell said she had planned on attending a fitness class the same day as Haliburton, but decided not to. When she drove to work, she noticed there were no cars in the parking lot.

With no official warning that the club was closing, or word from management, club members were left speculating.

Caswell said she had talked to a manager there who told her that the staff was having a hard time getting the owner to buy routine items such as paper towels or toilet paper.

"The employees were frustrated with the owner not wanting to put money in," Caswell said. "Things were starting to slide quickly."

Haliburton said she spoke with the woman who teaches her workout class who showed up Friday morning to work.

"They hadn't called her," Haliburton said. "If she knew why they closed, she didn't tell me."

Cottage Grove resident Dana Cavegn bought a massage gift certificate from the business on Feb. 24 that had an expiration date of a year from now.

"They didn't say anything about closing or where else to redeem the certificate," she said.

Cavegn tried calling the business' phone number but the outgoing message says that the mailbox is full.

The City of Cottage Grove has been receiving calls about the business closing.

"They don't know who else to call," City Clerk Caron Stransky said.

Cottage Grove Police also received calls from irate customers on March 9.

"If we had warning, it would be easier to swallow," Haliburton said. "Now we're all just left up in the air."