A Mahtomedi man was charged last month with allegedly possessing stolen property and credit cards.

He was arrested after allegedly unloading the heisted goods at a Cottage Grove home.

St. Paul Police observed Richard Daniel O'Hara stop at a Cottage Grove home in the 8400 block of Granada Avenue under police surveillance on March 12 and offload a number of items at the home found to match a list of belongings stolen from a Grant, Minn., home earlier in the week, according to the Washington County District Court Complaint.

Cottage Grove Police arrested O'Hara, stopping the 28-year-old and a passenger after tailing the Ford van they were driving from the house, according to the complaint.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office began investigating the burglary of the Grant home of Gunter and Elna Kohler, who were in Florida at the time, on March 10, according to the complaint. A neighbor reported the house had been burglarized after checking the residence that day and a sheriff's deputy observed the home had been rummaged through.

Roughly $50,000 in audio equipment had been stolen from the home, according to the complaint.

An officer from the St. Paul Police Department contacted Washington County Sheriff's detectives on March 12, advising the sheriff's office that police there had been investigating a burglary ring in St. Paul and could provide information in connection with the Grant break-in.

St. Paul Police obtained a search warrant for a Cottage Grove home believed to be connected with the burglaries and placed the residence under surveillance with assistance from the East Metro Drug Task Force and Minnesota Gang Strike Force.

After watching O'Hara and his passenger unload a number of items and leave, police executed the warrant and forced their way into the house, questioning the female homeowner, according to the complaint.

She told police two males had just dropped off stereo equipment. In the garage, police found the audio equipment reported stolen from the Kohler residence.

According to the complaint, police took the homeowner's husband into custody and questioned him about the stolen property. He told authorities he was assured the property was not stolen and that he did not assist O'Hara and the other man in unloading the van.

After the O'Hara and the man left the Granada Avenue home, police followed, stopping them near 70th Street and Highway 61. Cottage Grove Police discovered 10 credit cards belonging to the Kohlers during a search of O'Hara.

O'Hara, if convicted, faces up to 13 years in prison for fraudulently possessing credit cards in the name of another and receiving stolen property.