Ten deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of September, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Louis Olson

Hayley Lindaman

Louis has transitioned very well to the middle school. He is very helpful in class. He puts a lot of thought into his assignments and leads by example. His parents are Jim and Catherine Olson. Louis loves to play soccer and ski out west. He has one sister named Celia. His favorite food is cheese pizza. He says the food at middle school is great. The teachers are very nice and are always there to help.  He also enjoys being able to see his friend every day. 

Hayley is a very responsible sixth grader. She is very cooperative and works well with other students. She strives to do her very best in all of her classes. She is the daughter of Jo and Scott Lindaman. Hayley plays soccer and also likes to ski and snowboard. She loves hanging out with her friends. Her family includes her mom Jo, dad Scott, her sister Taylor and her dog Sammie. In middle school there is a lot more freedom and she loves to switch classes. She also loves hanging out with her friends who attended different elementary schools. 

Cody Wilson

Aleah Nelson

Cody is always prepared for class and displays a positive and upbeat attitude. On a daily basis Cody will assist and support other students during independent work time to aid in their own understanding of classroom content. Cody is also a very strong academic student and is a great support and leader among his peers. He really likes to play hockey and football. Those are his two favorite sports. His favorite food is pizza (cheese) and he likes to travel a lot. The best part about Meyer Middle School is the food and his teachers who are all very nice. He enjoys his study halls because they have the opportunity to do their work that is due the next day. He feels fortunate that all of his friends are in his house. His parents are Margie and Paul Wilson. 

Both in TA and in her mature interactions with others during down time and in other cores classes, Aleah is a dedicated student both in academics and school events. Aleah will seek out opportunities to be involved, is great at participation and does her best when opportunities arise. Her parents are Tom and Kathi Nelson. She loves to play soccer. She has a sister Abbie and a brother, Gabe. She likes all of her teachers and loves seeing her friends at school. 

Calla Dexheimer

Will Erikcson

Calla Dexheimer and Will Erickson exceed in the classroom both academically and socially. Both students are very kind to their peers. They have never said an unkind word to any of their classmates. They also work extremely hard in all of their classes and keep a positive attitude about their seventh grade experience. Both students exceed the expectations of their 7 blue house teachers as far as what students should strive to be at Meyer Middle School. Congratulations to both students. Their teachers are very proud to have Calla and Will representing 7 blue house and Meyer Middle School.

Calla loves running, spending time with her family and hanging out with her friends. She has two younger sisters, Elena and Leila, who are awesome and three dogs. She is currently an advanced brown belt in karate. Her parents are Mike and Jill Dexheimer. One of her favorite stories at MMS is when Mrs. Velure told them about a kid who put something in the electrical outlet. That made her day! She is also very proud of her cross country team for winning four meets this year, including the River Falls Cross Country meet. 

Will’s favorite sport is baseball. He likes to swim and do fencing in his spare time. He has one brother and two sisters. In the summer he works at his grandparent’s strawberry patch. His best experience so far at Meyer Middle School is activity afternoon and pizza on Fridays. His parents are Karl and Lynn Erickson. 

Clayton Rasmussen

Natalie Bents

Clayton’s positive energy, willingness to participate in classroom discussions and activities, and hard work and effort has led to this student of the month nomination. He has really impressed his core teachers during this first month, and they are excited to have him be a part of their classrooms this year! Clayton is the son of Mark Rasmussen and Jodi Pechacek. He is involved in football and basketball. He also likes to golf. He has an older brother, three dogs, two cats and a rabbit. His best experience so far at Meyer Middle School is doing TA activities like the Olympics which was very fun. His TA has been a really great experience for him and all of his classmates work well together.

Natalie continually makes valuable contributions to class, and her insightful ideas always show evidence of deep thinking. She approaches her work in school enthusiastically and creatively, and her work contains an originality that makes her stand out. Her teachers also appreciate the regard she shows other students and their work. Great student! Natalie loves to read and that takes up most of her free time. School is her main focus at this point in her life but her family and volleyball are close seconds. Her best experience at MMS was in sixth grade being welcomed into her new school. All of the teachers were great and they helped make Meyer Middle School her home when she first walked through the doors. Her parents are Scott and Lisa Bents. 

Oliver Sigwarth

Dakota Grezek 

Oliver takes his learning seriously. He always asks questions if he does not understand something and shares his great depth of knowledge for current events in history class. His expertise and awareness are beneficial to his classmates. Keep sharing!!! Oliver says he is a typical 13-year old boy at Meyer Middle School. He has a loving family that includes his father Doug, his mother Renee, his sister Eva and his dog Pecan. He loves to play video games and hang out with his friends. He also loves learning at Meyer Middle School and cannot wait for what else has to come this year. His best experience at MMS has been receiving the iPads. They are a great learning tool. There is not a class that he does not find them useful. He is excited about what the future holds with their uses. 

Dakota is new to MMS and has done a great job adjusting to her new surroundings. She is a positive voice in the classroom. She is always willing to participate and offers great insight into classroom discussion and debate. She is very approachable and is kind to students and polite to staff. Her parents are Mindy and Jason Grezek. Dakota loves to play soccer with girls who are three to four years older than she is. She and her family are looking to travel to all 48 land locked states. Her best experience here at MMS is meeting new friends since she is a new student and does not have the memories that other students would have. Making new friends at Meyer has been a great experience for her.