According to a letter received by Hammond Village Board President Tony Bibeau, the St. Croix County Highway Department plans to redo parts of County Road J and wants to know if the village will take part in the project on the part of the road that runs through Hammond.

Village board members discussed the stretch of the County Road in the village limits at a special meet­ing Monday, Dec. 30.

According to Bibeau, the County plans to construct a new base for the road, widen it and redo the surface of the road. The segment of road in question comes into Hammond from the west past Guy Metals and intersects with Davis St.

Village engineer Greg Adams said he would work with the county to come up with a cost estimate. Ideally, he said, acceleration and deceleration lanes would be added.He also mentioned adding a com­mon center turn lane or designing right and left turn lanes..

Adams said the ditch structures and sewer lines would remain in place.

Public works employee Bob Trudell said he thinks the village’s money should go to finishing the Davis Street project. He said paying for County Road J is just helping a few businesses, while finishing Davis Street affects everyone, as it is the village’s main street.

The options will be discussed fur­ther at future meetings.