The next Hastings City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 4. Here’s a look at what’s on the agenda.

Two Hastings businesses are seeking council action to help them advance their businesses. At 2400 Vermillion St., Nichols Inn is hoping to see part of its property rezoned from residential to commercial, to fit the rest of the site. Nichols Inn also hopes to put in a new parking lot on the backside of its building.

On the north end of the city, Millner Chiropractic is seeking a site plan approval for its plans to build a new building at 117 W. Third St. Along with the plan, the council will consider vacating the alley easement currently held by the city. The alley is situated on a portion of the land where Millner Chiropractic proposes to build.

To view the complete agenda, including more information on each item, click here.