A new Code of Conduct policy has been approved for Farmington’s Rambling River Center, but that’s not to say the city’s senior members are causing any problems at the center.

The code of conduct was approved by the Farmington City Council at its meeting Monday. It is a two-page policy that Farmington parks and recreation director Randy Distad said is designed to encourage members to be respectful of one another.

The idea of a code of conduct was raised by Rambling River Center advisor Nicole Gorman, who told Distad such a policy is not uncommon in centers like Farmington’s. Gorman did the necessary research and presented the policy to the Farmington Parks and Recreation Commission earlier this year. On Monday, it went before council for approval; Tuesday it went into effect.

The policy touches on the topics of cell phone use, independence, respect, violence, smoking and alcohol usage. Members will now be asked to read through and sign the policy, and to live by the guidelines set up within it, Distad said.

“We’re trying to be proactive here,” Distad said. “We want to make sure the Rambling River Center is welcoming and that people are getting along and there is good socialization there.”

The first offense would include a verbal warning by a staff member. The second offense would warrant counseling with the center supervisor. A third offense would result in membership suspension for one to three months.

“If it does come back where we have to address a situation, we can pull it out and say, ‘you agreed to this.’ Hopefully we never have to use it, but in the event that we do, at least we have it,” Distad said.

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