Emily Schalla’s love of agriculture started when she was young as the West Bend native ventured out to her grandparents’ hobby farm. 

“It sparked my interest,” she said, which led her to UW-River Falls and the Pierce County UW-Extension office where she will be the 4-H program assistant for the 2014-15 school year.

“I’ve been meeting so many great people, I love it,” she says, of her new job one month in. “It’s better than what I thought it would be.”

Schalla is a junior at UWRF, majoring in agricultural education. She was a member of the Washington County 4-H, where besides the trips she took, she valued the practice interviews, which helped her land this internship.

Among her duties for the next eight months are planning and executing member activities such as leadership training, Discovery Day Awards Night and Clover Bud Daycare camp and being the liaison to the adult advisors committee. Schalla estimated she’ll be in the office four days a week, between 10-12 hours total.

She said her future goals include working in an agriculture office.

“I think I’d rather do instead of teach about it,” she said.