A Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing employee who inappropriately accessed more than 600 patients’ records is no longer employed by Mayo Clinic.

According to Asia Zmuda, Mayo Clinic Health System in Cannon Falls, Lake City and Red Wing public affairs manager, the information breach was discovered sometime within the last two months and the employee “accessed patient records beyond the scope of authorized access and assigned job responsibilities.”

Upon discovery of the breach, an internal investigation was launched in which no evidence was found that financial information was accessed or health information was further disclosed, according to a statement released Friday.

Zmuda said the employee’s access became apparent through an internal monitoring system.

“We have proactive monitoring tools in place,” she said. “It was through the proactive monitoring tools that it came to light.”

Zmuda said Friday afternoon Mayo Clinic was in the process of notifying the 601 affected patients.

A confidential call center phone number – 877-797-6091 – is available for patients to address their concerns related to the breach of information.

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