Building permits were down in 2015, falling since a spike in 2011.

Year-end city building permit figures show 53 for the year, compared with 87 last year and 123 the year before.

2011 was about the same in regards to single-family homes, but got a boost with 92 townhome permits, making the total 144.

“We came short on what we needed for building permits,” said building official Ken Lewis. “I think for new housing, it’s slowed down because development hasn’t occurred like we’d like to see.”

With Farmington being an agricultural town, lot availability is scarce, he said.

First quarter permits were slowed down by a change in state building codes that went into effect Jan. 24. Most of the codes had to do with making a house more energy efficient.

The average value of homes in Farmington, in regards to the building code, was down as well at $209,800 compared to $220,644 in the third quarter.

While new construction may not be booming, residents did quite a bit of work on their existing homes. The city issued 626 permits for building decks, basement finishes, additions, garages, roofs, siding, remodeling and other, similar projects. The city also issued 120 plumbing permits for lawn irrigation, water softeners, water heaters, etc. In addition, 179 mechanical permits were issued for furnaces, garage heaters, gas piping, fireplaces and ductwork.

The city uses the occupancy permits to calculate population. An estimated 244 new residents moved to Farmington in 2015 bringing the population to 22,622. Since 2012, population has increased by about 800.