With the help of a confidential informant, Washington County Narcotics Task Force arrested an alleged drug dealer in Woodbury.

Warren John Plantin, 69, sold Oxycodone and is scheduled to go to Washington County District Court on Feb. 24 to face charges of fourth-degree sale of a controlled substance, a felony.

According to the complaint:

Plantin of Cresco, Iowa, had a prescription for Oxycodone, receiving 240 pills and selling 200 of them for $3 apiece.

On Jan. 21, the informant arranged to buy 200 pills, was given $600 for pills and $20 for gas, and an undercover officer rode with the informant to Green Mill in Woodbury.

After the transaction, the officer confirmed by their marking that the pills were Oxycodone, a schedule II controlled substance, and police stopped Plantin’s vehicle shortly thereafter. They found the $620 buy fund in the glove box.

Plantin admitted he’d sold 200 pills a month to the informant for the past year.

His wife came along on a half-dozen deals.