An officer were dispatched to River Falls Area Hospital to restrain an unruly 42-year-old man June 28 who allegedly was threatening staff members.

The man, believed under some kind of influence, had been brought in for a back laceration.

He was in an ER room with nurses and a guard, cursing and in a fighting stance.

The man ended up bleeding after tearing out his IV. Then he raised his fists.

The officer and guard moved in and were able to get the man in a “compliance hold.” Other officers arrived to assist.

The man said he was living in a police state and accused the officers of working for ISIS, the radical Islamic terrorist group.

During his rant, nurses were able to bandage the man's injured, bloody arm. Soon he was tied and cuffed to a bed so he could be kept lying down. A spit hood was placed over his face.

A search of the man's front pocket's allegedly turned up a knife and a Ziploc bag believed to contain hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms. These were sent as evidence to the state crime lab.

River Falls police also:

--Cited a 21-year-old local man for equipping his car with law-enforcement flashing lights on Monday night, June 27.

The man was reportedly driving on I-94 with his outer red-and-blue lights flashing. Other drivers were pulling over, apparently believing he was a cop.

After entering River Falls, the man was pulled over himself. He apologized for the confusion, saying it was unintended, that he does light shows in the Twin Cities with his car, a 2005 red Saturn.

Though the weather was dry, the man blamed his windshield wipers for the problem. A look under the hood by the officer found a lighting wire snagged by the wiper mechanism.

The man was not arrested but given an $86.20 citation with a July 27 Municipal Court date and released.

For more Police Beat, see the July 7 print issue of the River Falls Journal.