Traffic is now able to use the northern part of the intersection of Second and Tyler streets, as construction has shifted to the south side of the intersection. 

According to the city's weekly update, crews started underground utility work, including storm sewer reconfigurations and the removal of an old fire hydrant. Some concrete pavement repairs were completed just south of the intersection and concrete has been removed. 

At Oliver's Grove Park, the former parking lot has been removed and the whole area rough graded. Equipment for the new water feature is being installed.

Crews also did some concrete etching in the new red concrete areas, paying homage to a few prominant Hastings landmarks and historical references.

This week, the update indicates construction efforts will continue with installations and site work at Olive's Grove Park as well as continued storm sewer work at Second and Tyler streets. Areas where concrete is missing at the intersection of Third and Sibley streets will be patched, and new light fixture installations will continue. Also scheduled for this week is resuming the welcoming archways at the north ends of Sibley and Ramsey streets. Later this week, crews will remove and replace the red stamped boulevard concrete on Second Street between Ramsey and Tyler streets.

Traffic changes

As work has shifted at Second and Tyler streets, traffic patterns have also changed. Tyler Street between Third and Second streets is temporarily closed. Eastbound lanes from Tyler Street to the railroad crossing are closed. Westbound traffic from East Hastings is still clear. Traffic headed into East Hastings from Second Street is able to turn north onto Tyler Street to cross underneath the railroad bridge.

Two-way traffic is allowed on both Sibley and Ramsey streets