The 2016-17 school year was another success for the New Richmond High School music department.

More than 60 students represented the music department at the state competition held May 6 at UW-Eau Claire. These students competed in a total of 23 different events.

"This is the most events that made it to state competition in recent years for NRHS," said high school band instructor Matt Mealey.

Of the 23 events, 15 received the top rating they could earn. In addition, two soloists were singled out to receive the prestigious "exemplary soloist award." They were Tucker Hennlich for his vocal solo, and Jesse Stenske for his jazz saxophone solo.

The music department also announced its yearly awards. This year's honorees include Lauryn Belisle and Christian Pacheco, who won the National School Choral Award. Isaac Karpenske won the Director's Award for Choral Excellence, Travis Newham and Michael Skoyen won the National School Orchestra Award, Stuart Pearson won the USMC Semper Fidelis Band Award, Aaron Pazdera and Jesse Stenske won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, and Jesse Stenske won the John Philip Sousa Band Award.

The music department had more than 70 events and more than 150 students compete at the district solo-ensemble competition in February.