A St. Paul Park man was charged with felony financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Gregg Wilwert, 38, stole over $250,000 from the victim he had power of attorney for while living in a senior living facility, according to a criminal complaint filed June 8 in Washington County District Court.

The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center reported financial abuse that began last September and ended May 31.

Wilwert did not initially have power of attorney, and he signed on jointly to the victim's checking and savings account when the former party's power of attorney was revoked.

Using $80,000 of the stolen funds, Wilwert purchased a hot tub, snowmobiles and snowmobiling gear, a refrigerator, new TVs and furniture, a trip to Florida, diamond jewelry, garage renovations, a tractor and frequent casino visits.

The victim stated that Wilwert did not have the victim's permission to use the money for anything other than her care, nor did she know about Wilwert's purchases.

Wilwert was released from the Washington County jail with conditions; bail without conditions is $500,000.

About a week before the financial exploitation charge was filed, Wilwert was charged May 30 with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in a separate case. He posted $125,000 bond on those charges and has been out of jail since that time.

His initial court appearance in the financial exploitation case will be July 31.