With a little beginner's luck and a Rivertown Days button, Brita Lawrence won a $500 prize for finding the Edina Realty medallion during this year's Rivertown Days festivities.

It was Lawrence's first time looking for the medallion during Rivertown Days. She peeked under a tree in Oliver's Grove to see what she thought was just garbage, but it turned out to exactly what so many Hastings community members were looking for. It was the Edina Realty medallion.

"I panicked, I hid it under my shirt and I ran to the car," Lawrence said.

The medallion was found after the seventh clue was released: "Chrome and polish are not far away every other Saturday."

It was located in Oliver's Grove, in one of the grates under a tree.

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Lawrence said that even though she found the medallion, it was a team effort. She was working with her mother, sister, father, uncle, aunt and cousin. Lawrence and her medallion hunting crew made a deal when they started working together that the person who found it would receive $100 worth of the prize money and the remainder would be split among the families evenly.

When it was Lawrence that found it, some of her family didn't believe her. Her father and uncle couldn't believe it.

"They were super excited because they were looking for (the medallion) for years," Lawrence said.

It is a longstanding tradition for Lawrence's father and uncle to search for the medallion during Rivertown Days but they have had no luck themselves. For 12-year-old Lawrence it was her first time searching for it and she said that it won't be her last. The family plans to participate next year too.