Summer has proven to be the most dangerous season for drivers. Law enforcement has continued to watch out for drivers' dangerous behaviors by having an extra speed enforcement put in place July 7-23. The numbers indicate that speeding remains a serious issue in the state.

More than 300 law enforcement agencies participated in the two-week extra speed enforcement around Minnesota. The agencies reported 16,580 citations for unsafe speeds, up 3,339 from last year and 1,781 seat belt citations, with an increase of 238 from last year.

During the campaign, 20 agencies reported speeds of 100 mph or more, the highest reported with Minnesota State Patrol in Detroit Lakes, recorded at 155 mph.

Cost of a speeding violation will vary by county, but the typical citation for a driver will be more than $110 with court fees for traveling 10 mph over the limit. Fines double for those traveling 20 mph over the limit. Speeding in a work zone amounts to a fine of at least $300. Drivers can lose their license for six months for going 100 mph or more.

Speeding contributes to an average of 83 deaths each year. In single-vehicle crashes in 2015, illegal or unsafe speed was the most common contributing factor.