Forty-five staff members from Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing, including an obstetrician/gynecologist, certified registered nurse anesthesiologists, and nursing and laboratory staff, participated in an obstetrics simulation at the medical center in July.

The OB simulation, part of the Community Simulation project headed by Mayo Clinic in Rochester, is designed to prepare medical staff across multiple departments for key emergencies by conducting mock emergency drills. Staff would be able to recognize any medical threat to mother or baby and quickly assemble a high-functioning team to manage the emergency.

"Patient safety has always been our priority," said Dr. Paula Craigo, consultant anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic and medical director for the Rochester Multidisciplinary Simulation Center. "By having staff participate in the simulation, key personnel know when and how to pull together the resources - supplies, blood, drugs and human expertise - needed to manage perinatal emergencies."

Ashley Meyer, Ashley Ramirez and Sarah Roscke, registered nurses at MCHS in Red Wing, expressed an interest in conducting an OB simulation in Red Wing after having gone through the training program at Mayo Clinic. A Community Simulation project team traveled to the medical center to assist and support the Red Wing staff in the mock drills. Six drills took place over the course of a day, which included different emergency scenarios with limited staff and resources.

"It's amazingly difficult to get these different groups together out of clinic duties at the same time," Craigo said. "I am so impressed with the leadership and dedication I saw during the simulation across all areas and all levels of staff."

A number of sites across Mayo Clinic Health System have already participated in simulations supported by the Community Simulation team. Upcoming simulations will take place at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin, Cannon Falls and Fairmont focusing on airway and operating room training.