Three Dakota County men face a felony assault charge and a first-degree robbery charges following an alleged attack in the restroom of a Rosemount restaurant.

Spencer Curtis McAloney, 19, of Rosemount, Dylan Michael Lovick, 20, of Eagan, and Mitchell Dayton Stearns, 20, of Apple Valley are accused of luring a man into the restroom under the guise of a drug deal and beating him unconscious.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dakota County District Court, a man at the scene who was bleeding from his face told police he rode his bike to the restaurant, where he arranged to buy marijuana from McAloney.

When he entered the bathroom, the man said he was grabbed from behind, choked out and punched repeatedly. He said he believed the assailant wore brass knuckles when he punched him. The victim man later told police his doctor believed his injuries were caused by an object, not a fist.

Police reported his eye was swollen shut at the time of the interview and he had received stitches.

Two witnesses at the scene, who were waiting for the victim in a car outside the restaurant, told police they saw McAloney and Stearns exit the restaurant with Lovick, who had blood on his arms.

Police located and arrested McAloney and Lovick at McAloney's father's house that day.

The two told conflicting stories during police interviews.

Lovick said in a statement that McAloney arranged to meet him to buy marijuana in the restroom, where the two waited with Stearns to ambush the man as revenge for something he had done to McAloney's girlfriend.

The man, Lovick said, entered the bathroom with an unnamed friend and McAloney when Lovick started choking the man from behind and cut his arm on a tile. He said Stearns punched the man several times before they took the marijuana and left.

McAloney, however, told police he planned to buy $300 worth of Xanax from the man. According to his statement, McAloney entered the restroom with the man when Lovick started choking him from behind and Stearns punched him. The man, McAloney said, had "ripped off" Stearns before.

McAloney denied hitting the man.

The man told police the day after the incident that he had, in fact, planned to sell the Xanax to McAloney and that McAloney's insistence on meeting in the bathroom raised suspicion.

He said he recalled seeing something shiny before he blacked out. When he woke up, he said there was blood on the floor as he saw Stearns, Lovick and McAloney exit the restroom.

On officer at the Dakota County jail reported hearing Lovick and McAloney discussing details of an attack they were planning after their release in which they would assault the man in a secluded place so police could not help him.

A witness at the scene showed police a Snapchat account matching McAloney's name that included a photo of man with bloody arms and a message not to cross "the trio."

The message continued, "we will come back 6s dudes bloddy [sic]."

Although photo cropped out the man's face, a yellow shirt he was wearing matched one Lovick had been wearing at the time.

Both Lovick and Stearns were released on bail. McAloney remains in custody in Dakota County.

The three are scheduled for jury trials, with McAloney and Lovick's set for Nov. 27 and Stearns' for Oct. 9.

The three face charges that carry maximum sentences of up to 20 years in prison and $35,000 for first-degree robbery and five years in prison with $10,000 fines for third-degree assault.