Have you happened to see a person walking across the pedestrian bridge at A.P. Anderson Park waving the American flag? Many have.

For the past two Monday afternoons, Melody Black of Red Wing has paced the bridge with a American flag.

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Her message is simple.

"I want everyone to be proud to be an American," she said.

Black comes from a family of multiple generations that served in the United States military.

In the wake of the NFL national anthem controversy and the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Black's message is striking a chord with many passing under the bridge.

According to Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic data, approximately 18,000 vehicles travel Highway 61 under the bridge daily.

"The honks are pretty constant," Black said. "I want people to be brave. I want people to join me."

Black said she will continue her demonstration 2:30-5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 9.

"I would love to have people come join me on the bridge, to be brave and say we want peace here in America," she said. "Let's stop resisting and let's start uniting."