At noon on Saturday, Feb. 24, the City of Red Wing issued a two-day snow emergency. By 10 a.m. the next day, the streets were cleared and the second day was cancelled.

"Great job on the snow removal," said City Council President Kim Beise publicly to Public Works Director Rick Moskwa at the council meeting Feb. 26.

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"Boy, I'll tell you I got a lot of compliments on that, tons, for the last two," agreed council member Dean Hove. "Some people that left town said they didn't hit good roads until they got into Red Wing. Now that's a good compliment."

Snow emergencies in Red Wing were instituted about five years ago by a former director of Public Works, Denny Tebbe. In that time, Public Works has been judicious about calling for snow emergencies and last weekend marked the second or third time Red Wing's snow emergency has been cut short due to skilled snow removal over one night.

"We don't want to disrupt people's living and how they've got to park and worry about all that any more than anybody else," Moskwa said.

Knowing that Saturday's 4-6 inches snowfall would accumulate on top of Friday's 2-4 inches of snowfall, Moskwa said his snow removal teams (including plow drivers, tow trucks and police) were ready to hit the roads at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning to get the job done.

"You know, it's Saturday night - it's their night - but now they've given their night up because they know they're going to work at 2 in the morning," said Moskwa. "They can't go out and have a few drinks because you don't drink before you go plow ... That's what their job is and they do their job."

Moskwa credits his workers' strong sense of community for prevailing when it comes to cleaning up the streets and unfailingly showing up to help.

"We just have citizens that care," Moskwa said. "That live here work here they care. That's what makes Red Wing, Red Wing and it always has."