FARMINGTON - Sapphire Lake may be on the horizon as a new residential housing development near the Prairie Waterway.

Farmington Parks and Recreation Commission conducted a special meeting May 2 to review the Sapphire Lake development plan. The property is located east of the Prairie Waterway, south of 213th Street and north of Spruce Street on Farmington's southeast edge of town.

Randy Distad, city parks and recreation director, said Winkler Land Co.'s preliminary plat calls for a single-family development with 135 lots. The plan is for the undeveloped land to become a combination of housing, wetland, flood plain and parkland, in addition to stormwater pond management areas. Two parcels would be reserved for future street right of way that could connect into a future development north of the Sapphire Lake development.

Parkland dedication

Distad outlined three issues identified by city staff that need to be addressed by the developer before the preliminary plat is approved.

Plans show dedicated park, but these pieces of land include a floodplain and wetland. Park dedication is not given for this type of land. The developer needs to provide an additional outlot.

"It appears it is left over land the developer cannot build on," he added.

Sidewalks also need to be planned and two small trail sections should be constructed to facilitate better crossings, Distad said.

The last four lots should be dedicated as parkland and this would create good street frontage for the park and enable facilities be built and seen from the street. Distad said if this does not happen, then the park becomes hidden from the public and it looks like the park is private.

"The city in the past has worked with developers to create at least 150 feet of local street frontage for a neighborhood park," Distad said.

City staff recommend four acres become parkland combined with the four lots being recommended to be dedicated as park land, Distad said.

Farmington Park and Recreation Commission voted to recommend the developer revise the preliminary plat.

Farmington Planning Commission intended to hold a hearing May 8 to review the preliminary plat, but the hearing now will be continued until June 12.