Pound fees and pick-up adjusted

In a unanimous decision, Hastings City Council on Monday amended Ordinance 34.03 and Ordinance 91.26 to help the Humane Society of Goodhue County take in Hastings' stray dogs after Shamrock Animal Hospital stopped impound services at the beginning of the month.

Ordinance 34.03, which deals with the pick-up fee for dogs at the pound, was raised $10, making the fee for $70.

Ordinance 91.26, which originally said that a pound must wait 10 days before putting a dog up for adoption if unclaimed, now has a shorter retention time of five days.

Church gains room to park

The council approved a site plan for a parking lot expansion at the Resurrection Methodist Church. The expansion will offer the church 20 new parking spaces and new storm water drainage.

The expansion will result in the removal of one home and the downsizing of another on Maple Street. The downsizing of the home will be within size regulations of the area.

Bonds will be sold

Council accepted the winning bid for the General Obligation Improvement Bonds from Northland Securities. The true interest rate for the bond was announced to be nearly 2.7 percent.

The bidding started Monday morning and there were five total bids. The bond was worth over $4 million, but with a premium bid, the actual borrowing amount was lowered to roughly $3.8 million.

Nearly $1 million will go toward the Riverfront Renaissance project that is working toward reconstructing alleyways along the river walk and moving electrical lines underground. The rest of the bond will be used for the dity's 2018 street reconstruction project.

In other news

• The City Council welcomed new employees and volunteers at the beginning of the meeting.

Sam Beuch was sworn in as the newest police officer for the Hastings Police Department.

Renier Steenkamp and Adam Harklerode are the newest firefighter/paramedics for the Hastings Fire Department.

• June 21 was officially proclaimed to be Make Music Day by Mayor Paul Hicks. Festivities will take place 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at locations around Hastings. This year will be the second Make Music Day Hastings has participated in.

- compiled by Kelsey Roy, staff writer