City of Red Wing, concerned about invasive species infestation, is putting together an emerald ash borer awareness campaign. By partnering with Rainbow Treecare, the city will be drawing attention to the issue by wrapping about 200 ash trees in green plastic wrap.

"Other cities who have fallen victim to EAB have found this to be a successful way to gain attention," Tina Folch of the Red Wing Public Works Department said.

This campaign will be present in places such as Colvill and Bay Point parks. EAB is an invasive, green bug that will kill all infected and untreated ash trees.

Some areas in Red Wing are composed of 25 percent ash trees. The bugs have been spreading into and around the city for approximately three years, but are becoming a major threat. The upcoming years are crucial to save remaining ash trees.

The city and Rainbow Treecare are focusing on high-quality ash trees on public property, Folch said in a news release. The treatments used to kill EAB will be effective for two years, but would require another application of the insecticide following that time frame.

City residents may take advantage of the city's contract prices. Per inch to treat an ash tree on private property, it will cost $7. If there is a tree not scheduled for treatment, but citizens would like to see it saved on public property, they are welcome to pay for the treatment themselves. The city will make sure that the tree on the boulevard is suitable for preservation before allowing further measures.

To schedule treatment for private ash trees, visit