District 833 students continue to score well on ACT, an annual standardized test that measures college and career readiness.

Results released Oct. 17 showed that the graduating class of 2018 exceeded the state average in all four categories - mathematics, science, English and reading.

Their overall composite score of 22.4 beat the state average of 21.3.

"We're pretty proud of that percentage," said Brian Boothe, director of professional development and accountability. "A majority of our students who take the ACT are demonstrating some aspect of career and college readiness."

The score is only three-tenths of a percent lower than last year's composite of 22.7.

"We would have loved to see the numbers go up but for us, it's within a statistical range," Boothe said. "We weren't shocked."

Each test is scored on a scale of 1 to 36, and a student's composite score is the average of the four test scores. The ACT scores what a person has learned, rather than measuring their natural aptitude.

Five District 833 students earned a perfect ACT score of 36, according to a statement on the District's website: Andrius Adomavicius and Kayla Chan from Woodbury High School and Eastan Giebler, Michael Kenney and Minerva Roscoe from East Ridge High School.

The ACT test is taken by thousands of high school students annually across the country. Statewide, Minnesota schools continued to score higher than the national average.