Three open seats on Farmington School Board were filled with two incumbents - Melissa Sauser and Steve Corraro - and newcomer Rebecca Kaletta who took second place in the general election.

The top vote-getter was Sauser who earned 7,931 votes out of a total of 15,309 votes cast.

Kaletta had 5,662 total votes and Corraro came in third with 5,455.

"I just want to thank everyone for their support, and I have had overwhelming support the last couple of election cycles," Sauser said.

Sauser is finishing her eighth year on the School Board and looks forward to serving a third four-year term.

In her last term, Sauser led efforts to restructure the district's committee structure. That included the board forming subcommittees in the areas of executive, public engagement and legislative policy, long-range planning and finance and policy.

"I want to continue to make Farmington Public Schools the best place to send their kids," she said.

Sauser currently serves as board chair and is on the executive committee for Minnesota School Board Association and the Intermediate 917 District Board of Directors.

Kaletta ran on a platform stating she wanted to evaluate students' test scores to find ways to improve and help students succeed. She said she wants to develop programs to help children who come in at or below standards. She voiced how, as a board member, she would work to be responsible with taxpayers' dollars.

Kaletta also said she desires to work with the board to continue to be a part of building a business community in town that will be able to lower the tax burden on residents.

In his second term, Corraro ran his campaign on a platform of greater and more open transparency and communication, accountability, keeping the district financially responsible and maintaining school facilities.

Candidate Anthony Hilden came in fourth place earning 4,982 votes and candidate Alfred E. Williams earned 3,039 votes.

Unofficial results showed 421 write-in votes were cast.