Dakota County is planning a $7.1 million reconstruction project of County Road 42 from Highway 55 to Lock Boulevard this spring.

The project entails adding paved shoulders and turning lanes. The road was last reconstructed 60 years ago and is three time higher in crashes and crash severity than other similar roads, according to Dakota County documents.

The county is set to receive construction bids in March, with construction concluding in November, said Bobby Kuennen, the project's manager.

"The age of the pavement and the base of the pavement is old," he added.

Community members have commented that there are speeding issues on the road, Kuennen said. When the shoulders are implemented, it will help law enforcement officials regulate speeding on the road.

The project will be done in two phases and by halves, Kuennen said. It is up to the contractor to decide where to start, but it'll be split in half by Idell Avenue.

The cost of the project is mostly funded through County State Aid Highway funds, with only $560,000 coming from the county and the highway funds covering the other $6.54 million.