Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, recently awarded a $20,000 grant to Glenwood City High School.

The funding was made possible through the Donaldson Company Foundation, which strives to provide equitable access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines through grants that increase youth engagement and learning in these areas of study.

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Donaldson has a manufacturing facility in neighboring Baldwin where welder Jordan Hill championed the idea of a grant for the Technology Education Department, and Baldwin Operations Manager Timothy McCormick quickly provided his support. The two then coordinated with Mike Wannemacher, Glenwood City High School technology education instructor and Technology Education Club advisor, to put together the grant proposal and application to the Donaldson Foundation. The grant funds will pay for two new welding machines and the associated infrastructure for Glenwood City High School's Technology Education Program.

"The grant will be used to purchase and upgrade various types of badly needed welding equipment," Wannemacher said. "It is very difficult for a small school to purchase large, expensive machines such as a CNC Plasma table. Grants like this, from Donaldson, helps small schools stay competitive with what larger schools are able to offer, and more importantly, it helps our students be better prepared for tech. school/college and the manufacturing world."

Helping students learn and study technology is especially important to manufacturers like Donaldson; with an increasing shortage of workers in the U.S., the industry is seeing rising wages and opportunities. At the same time, the skills these jobs require can be obtained in less time than a four-year college degree, without the rising debt that saddles graduates pursuing bachelor's degrees.

"We cannot express in words how thankful and appreciative we are of Donaldson's generosity," Wannemacher said. "They are even willing to donate metal for students to practice their welding tests on. Currently, Donaldson employs approximately 14 former Glenwood City students as welders. We want to thank Donaldson for giving back to their community, by allowing our students to have access to this modern welding equipment that will be purchased through this grant. Students will reap the benefits of this equipment for many years to come."

Donaldson, an over 100-year-old company with locations across six continents, offers a solid track record of success. Employees receive benefits, opportunities to learn and give back to their communities. The Donaldson Foundation itself has been in existence for over 50 years. Its mission is to positively impact its facility communities by supporting education. In FY18 alone, the Foundation distributed grants and matching gifts totaling $1.2 million to over 50 nonprofit organizations.

"Our philanthropy provides matching grants to educational institutions and partners with our plant communities to address local needs," said Nathalye Blok, Donaldson Foundation President. "Our employees around the U.S. take an interest in helping their communities, like Jordan and Timothy, and they put in a great deal of time and effort to gather the required information for the grant application process. It is especially rewarding to see their interest and hard work pay off in the form of STEM-focused funding like the Technology Education Department at Glenwood City High School."

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