HUDSON -- Dr. Carolyn Wanken, of Hope Chiropractic is trying to keep focused on the positive, after a vehicle crashed into her business for the third time in just over 10 months.

The vehicle hit the building, located at 832 Carmichael Road, at about 12:35 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, according to a Hudson police report.

“We heard loud squealing tires that came around the corner just as [the driver] hit the building,” Wanken said.

The driver, who has not received charges related to the incident, was attempting to park, according to the report. The driver’s foot allegedly slipped off the brake pedal, and the vehicle hit the side of the building.

The vehicle received minor damage.

The building had damage to bricks on the outside, and to a wall inside the building, but significantly less damage than either of the previous incidents.

“I’m happy that it was minimal damage compared to the first two crashes,” said Wanken, who described the first crash in particular as “like a wrecking ball.”

The first and second crashes were in April and June. In the first a vehicle went through the glass windows into the waiting room, and in the second a vehicle went into a wall, damaging the wall and reception desk.

No one was injured in any of the crashes, Wanken said.

Police Chief Geoff Willems said in all three cases, the drivers thought they were pressing the brakes, but hit the gas instead. Willems said though the situation is rare, there is nothing about the parking lot design that makes this particular business more susceptible to crashes.

Cement posts were installed in front of the business after the second vehicle crash. On Wednesday, Wanken said, the vehicle hit a corner of the building that was not behind a post.

She said the vehicle hit at an angle, skidding around one of the posts.

Willems said adding more concrete posts could help prevent more crashes, but the posts are costly.

Wanken said she’d like to see the parking lot reconfigured so that no parking spaces are located directly in front of buildings, to prevent these sort of crashes in the future.

None of the drivers in any of the crashes was cited. Willems said the police department could not cite the drivers because the incidents occurred on private property.

“We cannot enforce traffic laws on private property,” he said. “The only things we can enforce on private property are OWI, reckless driving and handicapped parking violations.”

A self-described faith-based person, Wanken said she’s turned to scripture to understand why this keeps happening to her and her business.

She said she thought of John 9:2-3 , in which disciples ask Jesus if a man was born blind due to his own sin, or his parents.’

“Jesus said it’s not that he did anything or committed sin, it was so that God’s glory may be displayed through him,” Wanken said. “I feel things keep happening in my life, so that the works of God might be displayed in me.”

Meanwhile,, she wants to encourage people to be careful while driving.

“We are really fortunate that no one has been hurt,” she said, “because after school hours, kids are walking on the sidewalk.”

Though the building may be damaged, Wanken’s sense of humor is intact. She said her business is happy to treat customers, but recommends they walk through the front door.

Said she: “We’re not a drive-through service.”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.