Hastings High School senior Noah Kullman has been selected as the Hastings Rotary Student of the Month for March.

Below is the nominating information on Kullmann provided by Paul Olson and Dana Strain:

"Noah is a fantastic leader in everything that he does and the best part about his leadership is his selflessness. I have also had the privilege of teaching Noah this year in AP stats. It is not an easy class and for many kids they receive a lower grade than what they are used to. There are two responses that I usually see when this happens. Students whine about the lower grade without changing their work habits or they change their work habits for the better and see what can happen. Noah's grade started off a little lower than he would have liked, but he chose the second response and refused to give in to a challenging class. I'm proud of his effort and I know that he is proud of where his grade ended up. Noah is also a leader through NHS and FCA and is actively involved in his church.

Noah's teammates voted him as one of four captains for our football team; they also chose him as our "Raider Award" winner at the end of the season. Prior to voting for each of those, we stress to the team the importance of selecting someone with great leadership qualities and someone with impeccable character ... the type of kid who you know is always doing the right thing ... even when no one is around ... and they chose Noah both times.

Noah will be attending Northwestern in Iowa next year and will play football.