Pierce County Farm Bureau recently donated a set of books to the Prescott Public Library. These books were the Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom book of the year for each of the past nine years. The books donated include: "Fresh-Picked Poetry," "John Deere, That's Who!," "Time for Cranberries," "Sugarbush Spring," "The Beeman," "First Peas to the Table," Fantastic Farm Machines," "Farmer George Plants a Nation," and "Seed Soil Sun." These books will be used to provide the public with a better understanding of agriculture.

Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom seeks to provide basic information on our nation's largest industry: agriculture. The goal of the Ag in the Classroom program is to help individuals gain a greater awareness of the role of agriculture in the economy and society, so that they may become citizens who support wise agricultural policies.

In Pierce County, agriculture provides $270 million in economic activity and provides jobs to nearly 3,000 residents.

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