ST. PAUL PARK — The third and final day of the annual St. Paul Park Heritage Festival featured mud volleyball, a tractor pull, food from American Legion Post 98, an egg toss and live blues/rock from the Brother Jon Band.

But there was trouble brewing. Some bad dudes from Northern Lights Wrestling set up a ring in the middle of Broadway Avenue in the central business district. Wrestlers with names like Rock Solid Ross, Stonehenge and the Outlaw Dave Storm rocked leotards and talked trash.

Of course, the St. Paul Park Fire Department wasn't going to take that lying down. Seems that the firefighters had formed their own wrestling posse. The group burst into the ring and told the Northern Lights dudes where they could do with their foreign objects. The townsfolk cheered.

It wasn't long before bodies and chairs were flying.

After the match, Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey and St. Paul Park Mayor Sandi Dingle stepped into the ring to learn who had won a bet between the two cities. The mayor of the city that collected the most school supplies for Friends in Need Food Shelf got to pie the losing mayor in the face.

Instead, in true Minnesotan fashion, the mayors pied each other simultaneously, with Dingle showing some impressive ducking and weaving. Bailey got creamed.

Barb Koch, who suggested the competition, said the two cities collected over 11 pallets of school supplies at their respective Night to Unite and National Night Out events.

"We just agreed that the kids won, and the communities both won for coming together for a great cause," she said. "We didn't feel there necessarily had to be a winning city."