COTTAGE GROVE - Police who responded to a call about an alleged assault July 17 discovered a bleeding woman inside a storage unit at Park Place Storage on West Point Douglas Road. Brass shell casings were also found in the unit, according to Cottage Grove Police Chief Pete Koerner.

The woman not seriously injured. Police believe the male suspect in the assault has left the area. A Cottage Grove Police spokesperson said there is no danger to the public.

Cottage Grove police officers received a call shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday morning from a woman who described herself as a friend of the victim.

Police arrived at unit 44 at Park Place Storage and spoke with the woman. She showed officers photos on a mobile phone that the victim had sent her, which showed her with bloody legs and with a brass shell casing at her feet.

Police had reason to believe that the woman had contacted her friend from inside the storage unit. Officers attempted to communicate through the closed door through their PA system but eventually forced entry and found the woman inside. The male suspect had fled prior to their arrival.

Cottage Grove police detectives are executing a search warrant. Officers from St. Paul Park Police Department, Woodbury Public Safety, Washington County Sheriff’s Department and the Minnesota Highway Patrol assisted.

The investigation is continuing.