A Baldwin man is held on $1,500 bond after he started a fire in the Baldwin Greenhouse to keep himself warm after spending the night there, according to court documents filed in St. Croix County Circuit Court.

Kevin James McNamara, 34, was charged with felony arson of a building and felony criminal damage to property over $2,500 following the June 30 incident in which he entered one of the greenhouses overnight when a storm hit and lit the fire only when he got cold, according to a criminal complaint.

McNamara also was charged with five total counts of bail jumping - four felony and one misdemeanor.

He is scheduled for a July 22 arraignment.

According to the complaint:

Baldwin police received a call for a welfare check on McNamara close to 1 p.m. June 30. The caller stated McNamara left his residence on his bike around 4 p.m. the previous day and no one had heard from him since.

While attempting to locate McNamara, officers received a call of a fire at Baldwin Greenhouse.

The owners had come to the greenhouse to take care of some of their plants, noticed the fire in one of their greenhouses as they were leaving and called authorities.

An officer found a person who matched the description of the person who lit the fire - later identified as McNamara - riding his bike down the middle of the street with only one shoe on, the right side of his body covered in mud.

Panels on multiple greenhouses were cut and police found a knife in McNamara's pocket.

Authorities also found four beer cans next to the fire.

McNamara, who was on probation for charges brought in Pierce County, told police he entered the greenhouse when the storm hit and lit a "small campfire" to stay warm.

"Isn't that what anyone would do?" he asked an officer.

One officer noted in his report that the temperature outside was 78 degrees at the time McNamara started the fire.

The front door of one greenhouse was broken into and multiple vases were moved from the back to near the door. Along with the cuts to the plastic panels, the owner of the greenhouse estimated a minimum damage amount of $3,000.

McNamara told police the door was unlocked and he didn't break in.