Christopher Segerstrom has called Spring Valley home for 10 years, along with his wife and young children.

He'll now experience employment in the village as he takes on the middle-high school principal position after transitioning from the same job at Elmwood.

"We thought it was important to be part of the community that we live in. That was part of it. Also just knowing the reputation of the school and the value they put on education here was important," Segerstrom said.

He began his education career in Elmwood 11 years ago as a young teacher with a math and social studies focus. He also dedicated years as the co-athletic director and basketball coach in Elmwood. In 2014, Segerstrom moved to the middle-high principal position.

"It was a great experience, all 11 years I loved it all. I'll miss the people and the camaraderie but there's an opportunity here I need to take advantage of," Segerstrom said.

Already Segerstrom feels the new school's homey nature, he added.

"The people I have already run into have been very friendly and welcoming and helped me out in any way as possible," Segerstrom said. "Gretchen Cipriano, the former principal, has been helpful in giving me information and filling me in on things on where they're at. In education, we're truly in it for kids. We want them to succeed."

Segerstrom said he is excited for when the students return to the school year routine, but in the meantime is anticipating building relationships with the staff, some of whom he knows from living in the village.

"I value relationships tremendously. My goal is to meet with all the staff before the first day of school. So they can get to know me a little bit and I can get to know them and just talk to them about what they're proud about at this school," Segerstrom said.

Once the school year is in full swing, Segerstrom said he hopes parents and students will feel welcome to stop in to his office anytime they'd like to talk.