A Waunakee man is jailed for making threats against UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt and other school officials.

Twenty-four-year-old Morgan Harman is charged with terroristic threats, computer message to threaten injury or harm and felony bail jumping. The complaint says police learned of threatening images on Harman's social media accounts Oct. 7 that showed a gun's scope over the chancellor's face. There was also a rap song referencing other UW-Eau Claire officials with video game guns firing. He was arrested leaving a bathroom on campus.

Missed homework, no hot lunch? Wis. parents sound off

Some parents are voicing their anger at a policy at Monroe Middle School which is designed to make sure students do their homework.

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The principal says that policy, which provides students a bag lunch in lieu of hot lunch, has been in place for three years and is explained in the family handbook which is passed out each school term. School officials say the policy is working. Before it was in place 23 percent of students completed their homework – now, that figure is 80 percent.

Adams County man accused of starving calves to death

An Adams County man is facing several charges for starving calves to death.

Sixty-year-old Raymond Conboy is charged with three felony counts of mistreatment of animals causing death and six counts of intentionally failing to provide food for animals. A deputy found several calves with bones visible, that were lethargic and covered in flies and one died while the officer was there July 12. Further investigation of the farm uncovered other dead calves. Conboy is accused of feeding the calves whole-kernel corn, which cannot be properly digested. His initial court hearing is Dec. 10.

Madison alderman said $40 wheelage tax ‘inevitable’

Madison’s finance committee is expected to vote on a $40 wheel tax by the end of the month.

Alderman Mike Verveer says approval of the new tax is “inevitable.” It was discussed Thursday, but no vote was taken. If approved, Madison’s 40-dollar wheel tax would be the highest in Wisconsin.