HUDSON — New parking pay station will be in effect starting Nov. 4, the city of Hudson has announced.

As Hudson continues to grow and both resident and visitor traffic increases, parking is impacted.

In partnership with the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, the city of Hudson conducted a parking study in 2016-17. The city also created a task force to study the parking situation, which has been meeting for several years to explore options for improving the parking in downtown Hudson.

Based on the parking study results and the input of the parking task force, the city has moved forward and implemented these new parking pay stations.

What to know about downtown Hudson parking changes

The changes are intended to alleviate current burdens on the parking system as well as provide capacity for additional growth and development downtown.

During the month of November, primarily warning tickets will be issued as residents and visitors adjust to the new system.

Free holiday parking will still be honored during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Parking for more than three hours during the holidays, however, will require normal payment at the rate of $0.50/hour.

“During this time, we hope to educate residents and visitors and will primarily only issue warning tickets,” community development director Mike Johnson said. “The city will also host an informational meeting on Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. at city hall, and all are welcome to come to learn more and to practice using a pay station.”

The city will have a collection fee unit and a video in the lobby of City Hall over the next several weeks for the public to view and learn how to use it. You can find a map of downtown parking at